Laos Border Crossing Points and Checkpoints

laos border crossing points

While some tourists choose to enter Laos from one of its international airports, others prefer to do so by land or by water. Entering Laos generally involves queueing at the border for a visa on arrival.

Visitors from eligible countries wishing to enjoy their time in Laos are advised to apply for a Laos eVisa online, in order to avoid long queues, quickening their entry into the country.

Depending on their country of origin, travelers going to Laos need to go over the vaccinations for entry to Laos with their healthcare practitioner several weeks in advance in order to take the necessary health precautions.

If you are flying in to Laos for tourism purposes, make sure to apply for a tourist eVisa for Laos while planning your trip.

Entering Laos by Air

International travelers may fly in Laos through one of its four international airports.

Laos International Airports:

The first  2 airports on the list below allow passport holders from 180 eligible countries to enter Laos by presenting an eVisa for Laos to avoid waiting in line.

Nonetheless, all of the airports below still allow visitors to apply for a Laos visa on arrival, which usually involves long waits at immigration. Applying for an online visa for Laos is straightforward and easy.

  • Wattay International Airport
  • Luang Prabang International Airport
  • Pakse International Airport
  • Savannakhet International Airport

Airlines Flying to Laos

There are currently 10 airlines that fly into Laos. Check with your trusted travel agent in order to find the one that best suits your needs.

  • China Eastern Airlines
  • China Southern Airlines
  • Sichuan Airlines
  • Thai Airways
  • Vietnam Airlines
  • Hainan Airlines
  • Bangkok Airways
  • Thai Smile Air
  • Jeju Air
  • Air Busan

Crossing the Border to Enter Laos by Land or Water

Laos shares multiple entry points by land, or by river, with Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, China and Vietnam.

Since entry points and checkpoints in Laos open to foreign citizens vary their requirements or conditions from time to time, you are advised to check this website often for updates.

Laos Border Crossing Points Opening Hours

Laos has two types of border crossings: international and local. The local ones are reserved for local residents of either side of the border.

The international ones are open to foreign nationals carrying a valid passport and visa for Laos. Make sure to check the requirements for the online visa to Laos while planning your trip.

Border checkpoints in Laos are usually open every day of the week. Main checkpoints such as Lao-Thai Friendship bridge #1 are open from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Other checkpoints with lesser entry traffic may have reduced opening hours so it is safer to arrive there earlier in the day.

Laos – China Checkpoints

Presently, only the Boten checkpoint issues visa on arrival for eligible foreign travelers, so make sure to have an approved Laos eVisa should you chose to cross at Lantui instead.

There are various Laos visa types, so foreign visitors entering Laos are required to carry the appropriate visa type depending on the purpose of their trip.

  • Lantui checkpoint in Phongsaly
  • Boten checkpoint in Luang Namtha

Laos – Vietnam Checkpoints

There are currently 8 checkpoints that allow foreign visitors to cross from Vietnam to Laos. Immigration officials at the Lalai border checkpoint do not issue visa on arrival. Foreign nationals entering Laos at Lalai are required to carry a valid Laos visa.

  • Panghok checkpoint in Phongsaly
  • Nonghaed checkpoint in Xieng khouang
  • Nam phao checkpoint in Bolikhamxay
  • Na pao checkpoint in Khammouane
  • Daensavan checkpoint in Savannakhet
  • Nam soy checkpoint in Houaphanh
  • Phoukeua checkpoint in Eutapeu
  • Lalai checkpoint in Salavan

Laos – Cambodia Checkpoints

Visa on arrival is available at the Laos-Cambodia border checkpoint. nevertheless, visitors from eligible countries who wish to avoid queueing, may apply for an online electronic visa in advance.

There is currently only one checkpoint open to international travelers entering Laos from Cambodia. There used to be a second checkpoint at a river crossing a few hundred meters away from the one below, however, it no longer allows foreign visitors in to Laos.

  • Veunkham checkpoint in Champasak

Laos – Thailand Checkpoints

Most border crossing points between Laos and Thailand offer Laos visa on arrival. Immigration authorities at Pakxan and Phoudou do not issue visas on arrival for Laos. International travelers are advised to take the necessary precautions and request a Laos eVisa beforehand.

  • Friendship bridge IV checkpoint in Bokeo
  • Samliemkham checkpoint in Bokeo
  • Friendship bridge I checkpoint in Vientiane
  • Tanalaeng checkpoint in Vientiane
  • Pakxan checkpoint in Bolikhamxay
  • Friendship bridge III checkpoint in Khammouane
  • Friendship bridge II checkpoint in Savannakhe
  • Vang tao checkpoint in Champasak
  • Nam Ngeun checkpoint in Xayabouly
  • Namheuang checkpoint in Xayabouly
  • Phoudou checkpoint in Xayabouly

Laos – Myanmar Checkpoints

At the present moment there are 2 international border crossing points that allow foreign visitors to enter Laos from Myanmar. Laos visa on arrival is not available at the Meuang Mom checkpoint. International tourists from eligible countries may ensure their entry by applying for a Laos visa should they wish to cross at the Meuang Mom checkpoint.

  • Meuang Mom checkpoint in Bokeo
  • Samliemkham checkpoint in Bokeo

Which Ports of Entry Accept the Laos eVisa?

Citizens of up to 180 countries, including all EU countries, Canada, USA and Australia, can now apply for a Laos eVisa from the comfort of their home. This electronic authorization allows them a 30-day stay in this beautiful country in Southeast Asia.

The Laos eVisa is currently valid across 7 designated entry ports:

  • Wattay International Airport
  • Luang Prabang International Airport
  • Pakse International Airport
  • Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge I
  • Lao-Thai Friendship Brisge II
  • Lao Thai Friendship Bridge IV
  • Boten Checkpoint

Making the Most of Your Time in Laos

Now that we have explored the multiple entry points between Laos and its neighboring ASEAN countries, the next step to bring you closer to your dream vacation would be to apply for a Laos visa online.

The process is quick and easy, considerably reducing waiting in line at the border, and giving you more time to explore the picturesque scenery of this breathtaking country.