Reasons Why Laos Visa Application Get Rejected

Laos eVisa Denied

Getting a Laos visa online before visiting South East Asia has never been easier. However, whilst the majority of eVisas are quickly approved, sometimes applicants might find that their Lao visa has been rejected.

Naturally, this can be a worrying and frustrating situation for an applicant as it may not initially be clear why this has happened. Nevertheless, there are fortunately many ways to avoid this outcome and several courses of action available for those who have had their visa declined.

This article examines the various Laos visa refusal reasons and how applicants can avoid them. It also looks at what to do if an Approval Letter for Laos was rejected and the next steps to getting successfully authorized to travel to the country.

Why a Laos eVisa Application Can Be Rejected

There are a number of reasons why an eVisa for tourism could be rejected. In most cases, this will happen due to ineligibility for the program or not following the online travel visa requirements for Laos properly.

Some of the most common causes for an application rejection include:

  • Being a citizen of an ineligible country
  • Submitting a picture that doesn’t fit the photo requirements
  • Applying for the wrong category of visa
  • Entering incorrect or false information during an application
  • Providing insufficient or invalid identifying documentation
  • Applying with a passport with less than 180 remaining days validity

What to Do If an Application for a Laos Visa is Rejected

Fortunately in the majority circumstances, if a Laos eVisa is rejected prospective visitors to the country can immediately apply again. The reasons for the denial are normally included with the refusal email allowing unsuccessful applicants to rectify any errors or provide further or correct information to the Laotian authorities during a second application process.

However, it is important to remember that the visa fee paid during the application process is non-refundable. Applying for a Laos visa following a refusal counts as a brand new submission and a new fee will have to be paid.

Laos Approval Letter Requirements to Consider for Avoid a Rejection

In order to use a Laos Approval Letter to enter the country, applicants must apply and be approved prior to travel. It’s, therefore, important to bear in mind that Laotian eVisas are normally approved within 2-4 business days. However, if a Laon online visa application is rejected and needs to be resubmitted, this can take longer and this may affect those with imminent or urgent travel plans.

In addition to the processing time, it’s important to remember that visitors could additionally be refused entry to the country with a Laotian approval letter if they enter through any border crossing other than those open to holders of this travel authorization.

Only a few specific border crossings may be used with this kind of travel document. The currently approved entry points into Laos for eVisa holders are as follows:

This list of border crossing points into Laos for eVisa holders is expected to be gradually expanded over the coming years. The approval letter program is slowly but surely being introduced to more border checkpoints nationwide, making travel options into the country much more flexible for tourists.

Whilst a rejected application of Laos eVisa can be a cause for concern, there are usually options to rectify and successfully gain authorization to travel. In most circumstances, traveling to Laos with an eVisa simplifies the process of preparing a trip to the country and can save a great deal of time for those holding it on entry at a national border crossing.