Is It Necessary to Get a Tourist Visa for Vientiane?

tourist visa for vientiane

Traveling to Laos, whether visiting the capital Vientiane or other areas, usually requires visitors to apply for a visa. There are different travel requirements for different nationalities, such as how long you are able to stay in Laos and whether or not you are exempt from a visa.

The new Laos eVisa is a system that will be introduced to enable travelers to apply for a visa for Laos prior to visiting. Not only does it avoid trips to embassies, but it completely computerizes the process of applying for a visa, meaning that visitors can apply for a visa online and receive their Laos eVisa in their email inbox.

Traveling to Vientiane with the Laos Online Visa

Applicants should first decide which visa they require, as the visa for which you apply depends on the desired length of stay and reasons for visiting. Most visitors who plan on traveling to Laos for touristic purposes should apply for a Laos tourist visa.

However, there are other types of visa available, such as for foreign nationals who wish to reside in Laos or for those traveling for business purposes. In cases such as these, applicants should take the necessary action to apply for a residency permit or a business visa online for Laos.

Requirements for the Vientiane eVisa

Similarly to most visa applications online, travelers who wish to visit Vientiane and need to apply for a visa for Laos should check the Laos visa requirements before applying.

The necessary requirements for applying for a visa online include a valid email address, card payment form, a valid passport (make sure this passport will be valid for your trip).

How to Get the Laos Visa for the City of Vientiane

Applying for a visa for Laos is simple online. Applicants who wish to travel to the city of Vientiane or other areas of Laos and require a visa will need to apply online by filling out the Laos visa application form.

The application form for the Laos visa requires applicants to fill out personal information, passport information, and other necessary information such as health and security questions. It’s important to follow through the online payment process when completing the application form, as the application will not be complete until paid.

Best Tourist Attractions in Vientiane

Following are just a few of Vientiane’s top tourist attractions:

  • Pha That Luang: A Buddhist temple located in the very center of Laos.
  • Patuxai: The iconic Arc de Triomf of Vietnam encircled in water fountains.
  • Night market: Stroll the riverfront at sunset to encounter some of the best street food and souvenirs.
  • Buddha Park: Also known as Xieng Khuan, this park is full of over 200 religious statues and monuments.
  • Wat Ho Phra Keo: At almost 500 years old, this Buddhist temple is one of Vientiane’s most speculated buildings.