Laos Online Visa Photo Requirements⁠—Guidelines

Laos Photo Visa Requirements

A critical part of the application process for the Laos visa is meeting the photo requirements.

To acquire a Laos eVisa, applicants must submit a photo of themselves meeting certain criteria. Unsatisfactory photos may cause the application to be delayed or returned.

Important factors for the Laos tourist visa photo include:

  • size
  • facial expression
  • what is in the photo

Learn how to provide a suitable picture with this short guide to the visa photo requirements for Laos.

Do You Need Passport Photos for the Laos Visa?

Yes, anybody applying for a Laos visa needs to submit 2 identical passport-style photos as part of their visa application. This includes online applications for the Laos eVisa.

Applying online for a Laos eVisa is a simpler process than going to an embassy in person and offers the advantage of fast-tracking through border control upon arrival in the country. The online visa photo requirements for Laos are the same as for applications made at an embassy.

What Size Passport Photo Do You Need for Laos eVisa

It is important to get the Laos visa photo dimensions correct in the visa application. Sending photos of an incorrect size could result in the application being sent back.

Take care to ensure the photo size is correct for the type of Laos visa you are applying for.

In both eVisa photos and photos for a paper visa, the applicant should be directly facing the camera, with their face taking up between 60% and 80% of the photo from the bottom of their chin to the top of their head.

Digital Photo Size for Laos eVisa

For the eVisa, the correct photo size is 40mm x 60mm (1.6 inches x 2.4 inches). It must be submitted as a digital photo, which would be 152 x 227 pixels (2MB maximum size). If you are unsure how to resize a photo digitally, we can resize your digital photo for you when you submit your eVisa application online through our website.

The digital photo should be sent in either JPG, PNG, or PDF format.

Photo Size for Paper Laos Visa

When making a physical visa application, the correct visa photo size for Laos is 2 inches in width and 2 inches in height (50mm x 50mm).

This means the photo for the Laos visa is the same as the US passport photo size. However, not all countries’ passport photos are this size (including Laos — passport photos for Laotian citizens have different dimensions than Laos visa photos for foreign nationals).

What Should a Laos Visa Photo Look Like?

Apart from the Laos visa photo size requirements, there are several other specifications. The photo must be:

  • A recent photo of the applicant, i.e. no more than 6 months old
  • In color
  • Evenly lit, without shadows

The background should be plain white, with no patterns or shadows.

There should be no people or objects in the photo apart from the applicant’s head and shoulders.

Further photo requirements for the Laos visa application are as follows.

Photo Requirements for the Applicant’s Face

The Laos visa photo must show the applicant’s face from the front. The applicant must have their head square to the camera. They must not tilt or rotate their head at all.

The whole of the applicant’s face must be visible. There must be nothing obscuring the facial details, such as shadows or hair across the eyes.

The applicant should maintain a neutral expression. Smiling, laughing, frowning, and squinting could cause the photo to be rejected. The applicant should keep their mouth closed and avoid showing their teeth. Their eyes must be open and their eyebrows should be in a natural position (not raised or creased).

What Should I Wear For A Visa Photo?

In general, it is not important what you wear for a visa photo, as only the head and shoulders are visible. To be on the safe side, it is advisable to wear something plain and avoid showing any patterns, slogans, and particularly any expletives on the visa photo.

The only real restrictions are on things that may obscure the head or face. The applicant should not be wearing:

  • Glasses
  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Helmets
  • Bandanas
  • Other forms of headgear (with the possible exception of religious items)

Photo Specifications: Color and Resolution

Laos visa photo must be in color. They must also have a high resolution — a minimum of 600 dpi (dots per inch) when printed.

All parts of the applicant’s face should be in sharp focus, with high contrast. Color tones should be neutral so that the face has its natural skin color.

Do not make changes to the photo using editing software. Airbrushing techniques will most likely cause the photo to be rejected, so avoid manipulating the image to remove spots, for example.

Once you have taken a photo that meets the criteria, you are ready to submit your Laos visa application. Citizens from eligible countries can apply online for a Laos eVisa and take advantage of an easier application process and quicker entry to the country. Learn more about Laos eVisa requirements to see if you qualify.