Laos eVisa for Argentinian Nationals

Laos Visa for Argentina

Laos recently created an online travel authorization, known as Laos eVisa, that allows Argentine citizens to apply for an electronic visa to visit the country.

Travelers of Argentina who fill the online application form before their departure to Laos avoid losing time in Laos’ Immigration Control Borders, carrying all the printed documents or even forgetting some of them.

The eVisa for Laos also saves time since travelers do not need to visit the consulate or embassy of Laos in Argentina.

With a good internet connection, a minimum of documents required, and a post-control work of our agents, the application of a tourist visa to Laos is the best option that guarantees Argentine travelers to have an optimal experience before departure.

Do Argentine Citizens Need an e-Visa to Laos?

Like many other countries, Argentinians must have a tourist visa before arriving in Laos if they are planning on staying for up to 30 days in the country.

The government of Laos recommends checking this information since it can vary from time to time.

Each Laos approval letter is thought for only one single entry, so in case there is an Argentinian family thinking of a trip, each member has to have its own e-Visa.

The online e-Visa for tourists from Argentina is thought for those travelers who want to enjoy a vacation. With the Laos electronic visa, Argentinians can travel across the country without worries. Even if they arrive at Vientián (the capital), passengers are allowed to move all over the country.

Which Documents Are Required for Argentinian Citizens to Apply?

These are all the Laos visa entry requirements that Argentinians need to apply for an online visa:

  • A passport issued by the Argentine government with a minimum remaining validity of 6 months from the date of arrival (applicant must submit copies of bio and cover pages)
  • A passport digital photo that meets certain conditions, such as having a 4×6 cm size and being taken within the last 6 months
  • An active email address
  • A valid credit or debit card

How to Apply for the Laos eVisa From Argentina

Argentine travelers can easily apply from their country before departure to Laos. All they will need is an internet connection and the documentation listed above and to know if they want to stay for up to 30 days. As explained above, the requirement of a visa can vary.

Filling out the Laos electronic visa application form will only take a few minutes. Argentine nationals must be prompted to provide the following information during the application process:

  • Full name, address, and date of birth
  • Age and gender
  • Passport details: number, issue, expiry date, and nationality, as well as copies of bio and cover pages
  • Dates of traveling
  • A passport photo as explained above

In the case of applying for different family members, these dates must be provided for all of them because different applications will be required (one for each member).

After filling this information and proceeding to payment, the applicant will receive a confirmation message in the email address provided.

Laos eVisa: Processing Times for Argentinian Applicants

The majority of online visa applications should be processed within three business days after the applicant has submitted their form.

In case there is missing information or the documents given are not valid, our team will contact the traveler to explain how to provide or change the non-valid information to a correct one, so a possible Laos eVisa rejection can be avoided.

After these changes are applied, the applicant from Argentina would receive the eVisa via email in another three business days.

Laos ports of entry for Argentines traveling with an eVisa

The online visa application to Laos guarantees the entry of Argentinians from land, air, and sea border crossings. These are the most common entry ports used by travelers to access Laos:

  • Wattay International Airport (Vientiane Capital)
  • Lao – Thai Friendship Bridge I (Vientiane Capital)
  • Luang Prabang International Airport (Luang Prabang)
  • Lao – Thai Friendship Bridge II (Savannakhet Province)
  • Pakse International Airport (Champasack Province)

Even if it is more comfortable to arrive from Argentina to Laos by plane, there are more possibilities of entry passing through the borders with Thailand, Cambodia, or even China.

Travelers must think that, however, that in those cases they have to check the visa policies of these other countries.

It is recommended to be informed about the latest Laos eVisa news, tourist information, and data before departure.