Laos eVisa Application from Belgium

Laos eVisa Requirements for Belgians

The Laos eVisa, allows visitors to spend at least 30 days in the country. Unlike the Visa on arrival, which requires applicants to process the paperwork upon arrival at the point of entry, the Laos eVisa is a simple online application process which takes just a few minutes to complete and means that there is no need to go to an embassy in Belgium.

To be granted a Laos eVisa for Belgians, the Laos visa requirements must be met. This means that applicants must give correct personal details such as date of birth, name, and travel document information. The Laos online visa form must be filled out appropriately to gain approval after which the Laos eVisa is sent to applicants via email.

The visa takes 3 business days to be processed except on rare occasions where it can take longer. It is recommended that travelers apply for the Laos Visa online at least 7 days before their date of departure.

Do Belgian Citizens Need A Laos Visa?


Citizens from the majority of nationalities need to apply for a visa to be allowed entrance into Laos. Citizens from countries who are allowed visa entry are also qualified for the Laos eVisa. Only visitors from Asian Countries such as China, Thailand, and Vietnam are exempt from visa entry.

Visitors from most EU countries must apply for a Laos visa in addition to presenting their passports to gain entrance to Laos.

Therefore, travelers must have a Laos visa for Belgian Citizens before being allowed to visit the country. The Laos visa can be obtained by visiting a Laos embassy, however, it is much simpler and quicker to apply through the visa application form online before traveling to Laos.

Visit Laos with an eVisa from Belgium

Applicants who have applied for a Laos eVisa for Belgians must travel to Laos along with a copy of the visa which must be presented at Laos border controls or other points of entry for verification. The traveler’s details will be screened via a security database to ensure all information provided corresponds to their official travel documentation, as well as ensure there are no potential threats to public safety.

The Laos eVisa processing period will take 3 business days. Applicants must ensure all answers provided during the application are relevant to the questions to avoid rejection or delay in receiving their visa. The Laos visa online form is submitted only after paying the Laos visa fee. The visa fee varies from country to country and the amount for Belgian Citizens will be provided on the form once you pick your nationality.

The visa fee should be paid via credit or debit card.

Laos eVisa Requirements for Belgians

Travelers applying for the Laos Visa from Belgium must meet all the visa requirements before being issued the visa via email. To enter Laos, a passport with at least 6 months validity is required by all nationals irrespective of whether you’re in the category of visitors exempt for visa application or not.
It is not always necessary to show a return ticket if you are traveling via plane but to be on the safe side, visitors are advised to procure a travel itinerary from travel agents.

The Laos visa for Belgians can be obtained from embassies or through the visa on arrival process also. Visas obtained on arrival are usually tourist visas and are valid for just 30 days.

At the point of application, visitors are to present one-passport sized photo in addition to their passport and entry ticket.

Ensure that you have been issued an entrance stamp on your passport and double check the date issued for an exit stamp.

One application only covers one entrance, which means if visitors leave the country before their departure date, they will have to apply for another visa before being allowed into Laos again.

Laos eVisa Application Form for Belgian Citizens

It is vital for travelers to accurately complete the eVisa application form with the data required such as personal information and travel details.

For travelers who have applied for the online eVisa, all that will be necessary is to print the eVisa sent to the email address provided during application and take it along with you and throughout your travels in Laos.