Laos eVisa Application from China

Laos eVisa Requirements for Chinese Citizens

With luscious jungles, breathtaking beaches and ethnic villages, Laos is a beautiful destination in Southeast Asia. China is one of the 180 countries that are eligible to obtain the Laos online visa. The Laos eVisa for China allows Chinese citizens to easily obtain the necessary visa to visit Laos without having to go to an embassy or consulate.

What is the Laos eVisa for Chinese citizens?

The Laos eVisa for Chinese citizens is an electronic document that authorizes citizens of China to enter Laos and grants them a 30-day stay. It was introduced by the Laotian government in July 2019 with the intention of simplifying the process of getting a Laos visa.

Chinese passport holders who wish to visit Laos, may request their visa simply by following a few straightforward steps and uploading the required documents for the Laos eVisa from their personal computer in order to get their visa approved.

Chinese citizens can now complete the Laos eVisa form with their personal details.

Are Chinese citizens required to get a Laos eVisa?

Yes, citizens of China must have a valid visa to enter Laos. Only a handful of countries have visa-waiver agreements that allow their citizens to enter Laos visa free. Fortunately, Chinese citizens can easily get their Laos eVisa through the online application.

However, citizens of China who do not mind waiting in line at the airport, also have the possibility of applying for a visa on arrival at one of Laos’ entry ports. Travelers arriving to Laos with an approved Tourist eVisa for Laos are usually allowed a much quicker entry through a dedicated fast line.

While getting a visa on arrival is possible, the electronic visa saves people time upon arrival in the country. An electronic application for a Laos visa for Chinese citizens is usually approved within 3 business days or less.

Steps to obtain the Laos eVisa for Chinese nationals

Obtaining the electronic visa for Laos from China is straightforward and takes just a few minutes to complete. Applicants can complete the Laos eVisa application form from the comfort of their home or office.

It is critically important to carefully enter and revise the information submitted, especially your contact details, since your eVisa Laos will be sent to you electronically to the email address submitted during your application.

Here is the simple step by step process for Chinese passport holders to request a Laos online visa:

  • Complete the form with your personal information: full name, date of birth, gender and nationality.
  • Enter your passport details: Passport number, country, date of issuance and expiration.
  • Complete your contact details: Email address and mobile phone number.
  • Fill out your travel plans: Intended date of entry and purpose of your trip.
  • Check the applicant declaration boxes and continue to submit your request.

All applicants must answer a series of security questions. All information will be screened by a database. Visa applicants need a valid debit or credit card in order to pay the visa fee.

Laos eVisa Requirements for Chinese citizens

A Chinese citizen who wishes to visit needs to meet the entry requirements to travel to Laos.

These requirements are:

  • A valid passport with a minimum remaining validity of 6 months.
  • An email address to receive communications from the Laotian government concerning your application.
  • A debit or credit card to pay for the eVisa application fees.

Without these basic requirements, the applicant will not be able to complete the application process.

Although the Laos eVisa application is usually approved within a shorter time frame, Chinese passport holders, as any other eligible traveler, are advised to submit their application for the Laos electronic visa at least 7 days before their expected date of entry to the country. Once approved, the e-Visa will be securely sent to the applicant via email.

Where is the Embassy of China in Laos?

Chinese travelers rarely have any issues during their visit in Laos. However, in the event that they are faced with an emergency or lose their Chinese passport while visiting Laos, Chinese visitors will find their embassy in Laos’s capital, Vientiane. The embassy provides its citizens information and assistance.

Chinese Embassy in Laos

  • Street address: Wat Nak Road, Sisattanak, Vientiane, Lao P. D.R (P. O. Box 898).
  • Telephone number: +856-21-315100 & +856-21-315105
  • Fax number: +856-21-315104 .
  • Office Hours: 08:00-11:30, 14:00-17:00, Monday to Friday (closed on national holidays)

Chinese visitors wishing to make the most of their time on vacation in Laos, are advised to apply for a Laos eVisa online in order to avoid long lines at the airport upon their arrival.