Laos eVisa Application from France

Laos eVisa Requirements for French Citizens

The Laotian eVisa is an electronic travel authorization that has been launched by the government of Laos. Once the online visa method is available, eligible visitors will be able to get an eVisa to visit Laos from any device with a Wi-Fi connection.

The traditional method of obtaining a visa through an embassy or consulate is still available, as well as the Laos visa on arrival. A visa on arrival is one of the easiest methods of getting a Laos visa for French citizens, next to the eVisa which simplifies the entire process for individual travelers as well as for the border and immigration officials in Laos.

This electronic visa issued to French citizens visiting Laos is valid for 30 days from the arrival date.

A Laos eVisa for French citizens allows travelers to apply for a visa online from the comfort of their own homes without the hassle of needing to visit an embassy or consulate.

Foreign tourists are allowed to apply for the entrance visa online which guarantees a stay of up to 30 days. Visitors on official or business assignment will be required to obtain a  Laos business visa from an embassy or consulate.

How to Apply Online for a Laos Visa from France

Visitors of various nationalities are eligible to obtain a Laos electronic travel authorization without having to process the paperwork at an embassy or upon arrival.

Currently, visitors from France are able to download the application form and complete it before traveling to Laos in order to shorten the time spent in line waiting for the visa on arrival. However, with the new eVisa application form, travelers are able to complete the entire procedure online by entering the requisite data such as personal details and travel information.


Laos Visa Requirements for French Citizens

The requirements of the Laos visa for French citizens are the same for the other 33 eligible countries that must obtain a visa before being allowed entrance into Laos.

Applicants for a Laos eVisa must present the following:

  • Original passport with a minimum of 6 months validity and a blank page for a visa sticker
  • One recent passport-sized photo
  • Visa fee to be paid online via credit/debit card

Visitors who prefer to obtain a visa on arrival should submit their visa application form at the “Visa on arrival” window usually stationed at the entrance of the international airport, borders, and ports. If applicants fail to bring their application form along, they can obtain another from the immigration window but be sure to join the long queue.

Visas issued on arrival usually carry two stamps, one for the arrival date and the other for the date of departure. For tourists who would like to stay longer, the visa can be extended before the date of departure but comes at an additional cost and should be arranged with the immigration authorities in Laos.

Traveling from France To Laos

Laos presently has 7 international airports making flight the easiest and safest means of getting to Laos.

Travelers can book their flight online at competitive prices. However, they should ensure that the departure date is not on a weekend as it can cost extra to get a visa on arrival during these days. Alternatively, travelers are recommended to get an eVisa before departure by applying online, therefore avoiding the need to stand in line at their destination.