Laos eVisa Application from Germany

Laos eVisa Requirements for German Citizens

Laos is one of the most popular Southeast Asian travel destinations for tourists from all over the globe. It is therefore vital that visitors always remember to obtain the correct visa for Laos before their trip. For citizens from certain countries such as Germany, a visa for Laos is required.

There are various methods of obtaining a visa for Laos for Germans including the soon-to-be-released Laos eVisa which will grant the holder permission to enter Laos after obtaining the authorization digitally. This electronic method means that German citizens will no longer have to visit a Laos foreign mission abroad, such as a consulate or embassy, and will be able to apply for their Laos eVisa online from any device.
German citizens can apply for the Laos eVisa if they are eligible according to specific Laos visa requirements and are able to complete the online application form.

Do Germans Need a Visa to Enter Laos?

There is currently a Laos visa exemption which is only granted to ASEAN member countries and a few non-ASEAN Countries that have entered into a mutual agreement with the Laos Government. Citizens from Germany and other eligible countries must, therefore, apply for an online visa for Laos before traveling.

It is imperative that any traveler wishing to visit Laos from Germany ensures that they travel with a passport that must be valid for a period of at least 6 months.

How to Get a Laos eVisa for Germans

Laos eVisas are issued for single entry only and are valid for two months from the date of approval. A single-entry visa allows the traveler to visit Laos just once for a total of 30 consecutive days. The visa becomes invalid as soon as the traveler leaves Laos even if the 30 days haven’t been used.
In this case, you will need to apply for a new Laos visa from Germany before being allowed to return to Laos.

There are currently three methods to apply for the Laos Visa for German citizens. In addition to the eVisa for Laos, German citizens can also apply for a traditional visa by visiting a Laos embassy or Consulate in Germany, however, this can be difficult for several reasons. Often, there are only one or two foreign missions in a country or, in some cases, none. Applying in person for a visa can also take much longer to complete.

Additionally, there is the possibility of applying for a visa on arrival in Laos which can require standing in line for long periods, needing to take a lot of paperwork to the entry point, and proceed to complete paperwork upon arrival as well as pay the visa fee on the spot.

In order to avoid these difficulties, the Laos government has decided to implement the eVisa for Laos for certain nationalities to be able to obtain the correct travel authorization easily and quickly online before departure.


Steps to Apply for a Laos eVisa from Germany

The following are the steps to take to apply for an online Laos tourist visa.

  • Firstly, travelers should ensure that they fit the Laos visa requirements and that their nationality is eligible to apply for the visa online. In this case, German citizens with a valid passport are considered eligible.
  • Once an applicant has confirmed their eligibility, they can access the Laos visa application form on the secure online platform where they will need to introduce their personal details, passport data, and general information regarding their travel plans. This information should include the traveler’s full name, date of birth, gender, nationality, passport number and expiry date, as well as introducing a valid email address where the eVisa can be sent upon approval. It is likely that the Laos visa application form will ask some basic security and health-related questions in order for the relevant authorities to screen the application form and grant the visa to eligible travelers.
  • Finally, before submitting the completed application form, individuals will have to pay the visa fee online using a credit/debit card.

Traveling to Laos from Germany

The approved eVisa for Laos from Germany will be sent to the individual applicant via email to the address provided in the application form. Usually, the process to receive a response to the eVisa application takes approximately one day. This can, on rare occasions, be longer and, therefore, all German citizens should make sure to apply for their Laos visa at least 4 days before departure.

Before traveling to Laos, travelers must ensure they have printed their Laos visa for Germans and have a copy available to present to the border and immigration authorities upon arrival.