Laos Approval Letter Application from Poland

eVisa Requirements for Polish Citizens

Thanks to its geolocation, bustling cities, delicious food, and friendly locals, Laos has become one of the most popular countries to visit in Southeast Asia. However, there is still one main requirement that travelers must go through before they can enter the country, and that is obtaining a visa.

To make things simpler for eager tourists, the Laotian government recently rolled out the Laos eVisa. This Laotian electronic visa helps promote tourism to the country by making it quick and easy for travelers from more than 150 countries to apply for a visa to Laos. This means that travelers are able to apply for their Laos eVisa from the comfort of their own home. They do not need to visit their local consulate, submit paperwork in-person, or have an interview with an immigration officer.

Laos eVisa for Polish citizens

The visa for Laos for Polish citizens is a single-entry visa that is valid for two months from the moment the traveler is approved. This type of visa allows the traveler to enter Laos just once for a total of 30 consecutive days. Please note that due to the nature of this visa, it becomes invalid as soon as the traveler leaves Laos — even if the visa’s 30 days haven’t been used up.

If travelers wish to stay longer in Laos, he or she will need to apply for a different type of Laos visa by contacting the appropriate authorities.

There are currently three ways to a Laos visa for Polish citizens.

The first method is, as mentioned, completing an online application.

The second method is to apply via a traditional embassy in Poland. However, this is not recommended because oftentimes, the consulate or embassy is located in the capital, and those that live further away will need to spend time and money to visit the embassy in-person.

The final method is to obtain the visa when the traveler arrives in Laos. This Laos visa on arrival for Polish citizens often requires standing in line for long periods of time, needing to print out and carry a lot of paperwork, and spending extra time to wait for their turn at the immigration kiosk.

In order to speed up the process and avoid these difficulties, the Laos government has introduced the Laos eVisa.

Steps to apply for a Laos online visa from Poland

Fill the form with the personal information
Review and confirm payment of visa fees
Receive your Laos Approval Letter in your email

To obtain a Laos eVisa, travelers will need to fill out the Laos visa application from Poland.

During the process, travelers will be asked to answer a series of simple questions about themselves, such as their full name, contact information, and passport information. They will also be asked a handful of security questions, their previous travelers, and about their criminal record.

At the end of the application, travelers will be asked to submit a passport-style photo of themselves and pay the eVisa application fee. It takes about one business day to process the Laos eVisa, although in rare cases it may take up to four business days due to demand. For this reason, we recommend applying for the visa about one week in advance to account for any potential delays.

If citizens of Poland submitted the information incorrectly, can it be modified? 

Yes. Applicants who applied for their Laos eVisa online are able to update or change the information submitted in the online application. They can do so by using a link that was sent to them via email when they first submit the application. Additionally, this link can also be used to upload supporting documents, such as the traveler’s passport photo.

Passport specifications and travel documents required to travel to Laos from Poland

The travel documents required to enter Laos with the Approval Letter or eVisa include the following:

  • A valid Polish passport that has a minimum of 6 months validity from the date that the traveler plans to arrive in Laos
  • A printed copy of the approved Laos eVisa email
  • One recent passport-style color photo
  • A valid form of payment to pay the eVisa application fee
  • A valid email address to receive correspondence regarding the Laos eVisa

Laos eVisa Quick facts for Polish Citizens

In summary:

  • It takes less than 15 minutes to apply for a Laos visa for Polish citizens.
  • The average processing time of a Laos eVisa is about one business day. However, it may take up to 4 business days when there is high demand.
  • The Laos eVisa is a single-entry visa.
  • The Laos eVisa is valid for stays up to 30 days.