Laos eVisa Requirements for Qatari Citizens

Laos Approval Letter for Qatar

The government of Laos has taken new measures to increase tourism in the country by offering the opportunity to apply for a Laos eVisa, also known as Laos Approval Letter.

As of 2019, there are 150 countries eligible to request this travel permit, a list that includes Qatar and its citizens.

The Laos eVisa or Laos Approval Letter is a tourist travel authorization that allows Qatari nationals to apply on an online platform, making the process faster and easier.

Citizens of Qatari have the opportunity to request the Laos eVisa by submitting personal information and other important documents.

Laos eVisa Requirements for Qatari Applicants

Those Qatari travelers who wish to apply for a Laos Approval letter to enter Laos will need to meet important Laos eVisa requirements when starting the application process.

Qatari applicants can apply from anywhere in the world on any device with a working internet connection, which means they do not need to reside in Qatar during the time of application.

The most important document the Qatari national will need is a valid Qatari passport with at least 6 months of validity from the date expected to enter the country.

In order to apply for the Laos e-Visa, the applicant from Qatar must be of adult age. Laos electronic visa applications for Qatari minors under 18 years of age must be completed by a parent or legal guardian.

Applying for a Laos eVisa will also require the Qatari applicant to have an active email address in order to receive updates on their electronic visa status. When the document is approved, it will be sent to the Qatari applicant’s email address.

Finally, Qataris must hold a valid payment method such as a credit card or debit card to complete the Laos eVisa application fee payment.

Laos Online Visa Application From Qatar

The Laotian eVisa application form is a process that only takes a few minutes to complete and that includes personal identification questions about the Qatari applicant such as:

  • Identity information: Qataris’ name and last names, date of birth, place of birth, and gender
  • Passport details: Passport number and relevant dates such as the issued and expiration date of the document issued in Qatar
  • Contact details: residential address, phone number, and email address
  • Other information: Family background, health conditions, and criminal record history, if any

During the process of obtaining the Laos eVisa, the applicant must also submit important documents such as a digital copy of the passport’s biographical information page and cover pages, additionally, a digital photograph of the eVisa applicant that abides by Laotian guidelines.

Finally, the last step is to pay the Laos eVisa processing fee with a proper debit or credit card that has sufficient funds. Qataris will then see a confirmation message, which means the request started to be processed.

Usually, Laos online visa is approved in 1 to 3 working days from the date citizens of Qatar submitted all the documents and completed the payment.

Once received, Qataris must print out a copy of the travel document to present it to border controls.

Laos passport-type photograph guidelines for Qatari applicants

The digital photograph must meet the following specifications:

  • Must be in color and have a white or light background
  • The size must be of 4x6cm (1.6 inches x 2.4 inches) and not surpass 2MB of maximum size when uploaded
  • Should be taken up to 6 months prior to the application (recent picture)
  • Qatari applicant’s face must be visible and must have a neutral expression

Qatari applicant must ensure to have all the right specifications when submitting the digital photograph so this one is not rejected during the process.

Laos Visa Types For Qatari Citizens

There are mainly three types of Laos visas that Qatari nationals can request depending on their travel purposes and circumstances:

  • Laos eVisa or Laos Approval Letter
  • Laos Visa on Arrival
  • Laos Business Visa

The Laos Online Approval Letter or Laos eVisa allows the Qatari nationals to fill out the application form and receive their approved visa within a few days after applying. This visa avoids long waiting times at airports and other ports of entry.

The Laos Visa on Arrival must be requested by Qataris once they get to the Laotian port of entry. There they will have to present the necessary documents in paper and pay for the visa on arrival fee.

Qatari passport holders are advised to avoid requesting a visa on arrival to ensure a smooth transition during their arrival as the Approval Letter is much more convenient.

Another travel permit available for Qatari nationals is the Laos Business Visa, which is used for commercial matters such as business meetings, courses, or conferences. Travelers of Qatar must be sure they comply with the specific prerequisites of this visa.

Laos eVisa Validity For Qatari Nationals

Once approved, the Laos eVisa has a validity period of 60 days starting from the date of issue. This online visa will grant citizens of Qatar a single entry to Laos.

The Laos eVisa is a tourist visa and permits Qatari visitors to stay for a maximum period of 30 days.

Those Qatari visitors who desire to prolong their stay in Laos will need to exit the country and re-start a new Laos eVisa application process.