Laos eVisa Requirements for Saudi Citizens

Laotian Approval Letter to Saudi Arabia

The Laotian government established an electronic visa to Laos to make both the visa application and border controls easier.

Since the eVisa to Laos is operative to more than 100 countries in the world, including Saudi Arabia, tourism has increased and so the country’s economy and businesses.

Learn more about Laos’ eVisa requirements for Saudi Arabian citizens, as well as other key details when applying for a Laotian online visa as Saudi.

Do Saudis Need a Visa to Enter Laos?

The online visa to Laos, also known as Laos eVisa or Laos Approval Letter, is mandatory for Saudi nationals, as it is for other eligible countries.

The electronic visa to Laos is thought for those Saudi nationals arriving in the Asian country because of leisure and touristic purposes only.

Travelers of Saudi Arabia intending to arrive in Laos because of work contracts or other business purposes must choose between different business visas to Laos, depending on the main reason for the trip.

The business visa is different from the tourist visa to Laos.

Laos e-Visa Application Process From Saudi Arabia

The online application form for the Laos eVisa is an excellent manner to save time since it only takes 20 minutes or less to be completed. The electronic document is very intuitive and easy to understand, being accessible from any of the following devices:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Desktops

It is necessary to have a suitable internet connection without interruptions.

By the moment the form starts, Saudi applicants should answer some questions related to personal and passport data. There are some security questions, regarding the Saudi applicant’s possible criminal reports, if any.

It is very important to answer all the questions truthfully, as the eVisa to Laos can be rejected if there is any mistake.

After having answered all the questions, the online form finishes with the payment process, which consists of entering the credit/debit card information to pay the Laotian eVisa processing fee.

If all the information is correct, in less than 3 working days the electronic visa to Laos will be approved and sent to the Saudi travelers’ email accounts. Nonetheless, it is always best to apply in advance to avoid any issues.

Depending on the applicant of Saudi, Laotian authorities can ask more documents. In that case, citizens of Saudi Arabia will receive an email with a list of the extra documents. Therefore, it is advised to check periodically the inbox or spam box.

Laos Online Visa Requirements for Saudi Citizens

Saudi citizens must abide by some requirements to successfully ask for the Laos eVisa:

  • To be in possession of a valid Saudi Arabian passport
  • To arrive in Laos because of tourism
  • To stay no more than 30 days
  • To have an accessible, working email address
  • To have enough funds in a debit or credit card to pay the Laos eVisa processing fee
  • To comply with the Laos Approval Letter photograph guidelines when submitting the Saudi applicants’ picture

In the case of the first requirement, it is mandatory that the passport issued by Saudi authorities has a validity of at least 6 months when entering Laos. Also, it must have at least two blank pages for immigration stamps.

Although there are no mandatory requirements regarding vaccinations, it is highly advised to take health precautions before arriving in Laos since there might be cases where a medical check is necessary.

Minors traveling to Laos must bring their own Laos Approval Letter. If there is a family traveling together, each member must bring the eVisa to Laos.

The eVisa must be printed and shown when arriving in Laos together with the original Saudi passport.

The Laos electronic travel authorization is a single-entry document that permits applicants from Saudi Arabia to stay no more than 30 consecutive days in the country. In case Saudi national want to stay for longer than the allowed period, it is mandatory to require a Laos eVisa extension.

Preparing the Trip to Laos From Saudi Arabia

The eVisa to Laos is asked in each authorized Laotian crossing border control, although normally Saudi tourists arrive in Laos by plane, as there are three international airports.

Some security questions can be asked, such as the Laotian accommodation or hotels where Saudis will stay or how long they are thinking about remaining in Laos.

Laos is generally a safe country. People are kind and locals help a lot of tourists with indications. It is important to know about Laos culture, temples, and religion before arriving, just to avoid misunderstandings and enjoying completely the trip.

Once all these considerations have been made, Saudi nationals will be prepared to begin their trip to Laos.